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Posted: March 5, 2010 in The MANCAST
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If you havent checked it out yet Episode 9 of The MANCAST: The Olympic Edition is now available at or by searching for “mancast” at the itunes store.  This means that our next episode will be our TENTH episode and quite honestly I didnt think we’d make it past #3.  I started this podcast in August because I wanted to be able to talk about different current events and about crazy random occurences that happen to me and Alex almost on a daily basis.  Me & Alex briefly worked on a college morning show a couple years ago and had the time of our lives and I just had a vision of what we could do totally uncensored and it was magical.  I feel like the show is finally coming into its own and were just starting to get our stride.  The next episode of the show is probably going to be the best one yet and im not just saying that.  We have alot of stuff planned including a discussion on the awkward yet hilarious phenomenon that is Chat Roulette, a couple wacky things including a prank call I recorded as it was going on live, and I have a funny bathroom story that I refuse to tell Alex about until we’re recording.  I always enjoy getting his genuine reaction to things so this should not disappoint.  So if you’ve been following the show you will love our 10th episode and if you havent been following the show a) whats wrong with you and b) this would be the best time to start!!

– Josh


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