Zach Galifianakis on SNL

Posted: March 7, 2010 in Reviews
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I’ve been a fan of Zack Galifianakis ever since he was in the movie Out Cold (which is a great movie to watch if you havent already.) So naturally when I heard he was going to host SNL lastnight I set my cable box to PVR mode.  I havent watched a full episode of SNL in awhile.  Its not that I dont like the show because I think the current cast is awesome, its just that I never set aside time to really watch it so now that I got the PVR that will change for sure.  The opening monologue was pure gold as Zack did the wacky comedy that he is known for.  I’m still repeating the lines “Hey everybody, here comes the choo choo!!” in my head.  Then when he was on the piano and dropped the line about the kid who banged his teacher dying of a “high fiving incident” I nearly peed myself.  The skits were pretty funny.  I found the one where everyone was making out a tad gross when the dudes started tonguing each other and I thought “Whats up with that?” went a little too long and over-stayed its welcome, although Pull Rudd’s facial expressions were hilarious.  The Budoir skit where they constantly used that phrase was funny but my two favorites have got to be “Zack drops by the set” where they show him in the background of various NBC shows and the CNN parody which I died laughing at.  All in all in was a good episode, although I was disappointed in the lack of a digital short this week. If you have a chance to see this one I would  check it out for the opening monologue alone.

If you’re a big fan of Zack’s hes going to be appearing in a new comedy directed by Hangover director Todd Phillips called Due Date later this year.  The plot sounds pretty similar to the Hangover where an expectant father has to road trip across the country with a wacky stranger (played by Zack) in order to make the birth of his child.  The father is going to be played by Robert Downey Jr. so this one should be fun.  Also, The Hangover 2 is due out sometime in 2010.


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