“Its Over, Get a New Show”

Posted: March 8, 2010 in Ramblings/Rants
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I just like to point out a little known fact that some people might not realize… Its 2010.  Its 2010 and yet when im at a party or a bar or on facebook there’s always one douchebag that is trying to make friends by quoting The Simpsons.  Now before you call me a fucking idiot and curse my blog for all eternity, hear me out.  The Simpsons is (was?) a great show.  I like most people of my generation, grew up on The Simpsons and a well timed quote does make a conversation funnier sometimes.  The problem is like I said, its 2010 and most of the things that people repeat from Simpsons episodes aired in the 90’s.  There is always the one guy that wont stop at one quote and will just keep going and going and going and by this point I (and I assume most other people) have had these lines repeated to so many times ad nauseum that we know them off by heart.

I am one of the worst offenders of quoting lines from TV shows/Movies.  At a base level it shows that we have something in common with someone us.  It helps us identify with other people and lets face it, its good for an easy laugh.  That being said I dont need to hear, “Me fail English, thats unpossible”, “Alcohol the answer and solution to all life’s problems.”, or “release the hounds” for awhile now.  The Simpsons hasnt been a great show in 10 years now, and these are the same people that ruin shows for me by quoting the shit out of them til they arent funny.  So in the words of a fat hawaiian guy “Its over, get a new show.” Oh and SHUT THE FUCK UP 🙂

– Josh

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