Snooki Feeback

Posted: March 11, 2010 in Ramblings/Rants
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As promised here are some of your facebook & twitter comments based on the Snooki: Hot or Not post.

– Not at all, she’s a midget. Midgets are not hot.

– ugly … a witch with blue contacts and a push up …

– She looks like an old catcher’s mitt! Do you really like baseball THAT much?

– ur full of shit josh u would fuck her for sure. given the opportunity one million percent. if u saw a girl who looked like her at a bar and it was the end of the nite and she said lets fuck, ur lying to urself if u say u would say no.

– Do Not Want! She looks like Lou Ferrigno…

– I love Snickers…I think shes cute and hell ya she can take a punch!! * Fist pumps in the air..Go Juiced Guidos!!*

–  She’s a butterface.  Everything else is hot, “but her face.” Of course paper bags are dime a dozen nowadays.
I vote hideous.

– Snooki is busted. Without that birthday cake she calls a face she’d look like Chyna, legit.

– Definitely not hot. Cute in the way that a puppy is cute, but that doesn’t mean you want to bang it.

Oh and one person sent me the link to the always hilarious “it’s a trap!!!” clip.  Interesting fact most of the people that actually liked Snooki or found her attractive were girls,  I guess I was right she is a chud.  Well theres the feedback, I’m going to upload the podcast and I’ll be back.


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