I’m Making Friends :)

Posted: March 13, 2010 in Ramblings/Rants
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I’ve only had this blog for a little over a week now and already somebody thinks I’m a jerk.  I wrote a post here about how I thought Simpsons quotes and even the idea of the show in general was getting stale, which is common knowledge to anyone who is not an idiot.  Well, the idiots spoke up.  A Simpsons blog entitled Dead Homer Society posted a link to my blog (among links to several different things) and called me some names.  I read this post and burst into uproarious laughter for the following reasons.  In the post the guy or girl that wrote this (I cant tell because the writing style is very metrosexual) referred to me as an “asshat.”  For those of you that need clarification “asshat” is a term that douchebags use because they cant think of any other clever insults.  What the fuck is an asshat?  Why would people wear a hat shaped like an ass?  Am I a hat shaped like an ass and is this supposed to be an insult?  I’m confused. I said only douchebags repeat the same quotes over and over until it hurts, well these guys have a “quote of the day” feature so I guess I made my point.  Second: The name of the blog is “Dead Homer Society” and although I kind of enjoy a title ripped off of a classic movie the key word in the name of this blog is “dead.”  Homer is dead.  Its over guys and you lashing out at me because I implied that the show is on its last legs just proves to me that you know deep down that it is over too.  Dont worry, you had a good run.  Lastly before I go I’d like to personally thank this blog for driving traffic to my site, you guys are the best!!

Just a side note to anyone reading this blog:  I dont care if you like me or my opinions, you read me and thats all that matters 🙂

bye friends,

– Josh

  1. Kate Addict says:

    What is the coloration between being metrosexual and the Simpsons? Just curious.

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