Katherine Heigl: Hot or Not?

Posted: March 16, 2010 in Hot or Not?, Ramblings/Rants
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After the overwhelming feedback I got from my first Hot or Not I am back to help you guys decide whether another celebrity is hot as hell or as ugly as that human tanned troll doll, Snooki. This time on the Docket: Katherine Heigl.


Now at first glance, especially since she has her top off in the photo, this may seem like an easy debate.  She has a pretty nice body and overall shes not bad.  Some would say she has a nice rack and any chick willing to take off her shirt for a nationally circulated magazine must be easy, so this is a home run, right guys?  … Not so fast. I present to you Exhibit B:

or Not.

Whoa… So all those things I just mentioned above disappeared with one timely google image search.  Now I know the ladies out there will say (and I know you read this blog dont lie) “but thats not fair, every girl has days where they look like that!!”  Well ladies, I’m here to tell you The Ugly Truth about Katherine Heigl.  The issue is not that she has a plain jane face that kind of pisses me off when I look at it, the issue here is all about personality.  Women dont think men care about personality well heres a fact: not only is this bitch annoying in every single thing I’ve seen her appear in (she was alright in Knocked Up, I gotta give her credit for acting like it was totally fine for being impregnanted by Seth Rogen) but the bottom line is, shes a cunt.  There I said it.  There are so many horror stories going around about how she acts off camera, on TV sets, on movie sets that at least one of them has to be true.  She looks like a person that would make you carry her handbag around all day and wait on her hand and foot and then as your “reward” she’ll lay on her back for you for 1-3 minutes shouting instructions and telling you you’re not doing anything right until your penis retracts like a scared little turtle.  So ladies and gentlemen if you ask me my vote if Cuntherine Heigl is Hot or Not… I’d have to take a giant mcsteamy all over your parade and say no.

It looks like were 0/2 from where I sit on Hot or Not but this feature isnt up to me.  What do you guys think?  Is she hot or should we shoot her into space like they did with The Incredible Hulk?  Leave your comments below or on Twitter & Facebook or you can always email me at: bestpodcastever@gmail.com and I’ll be sure to read the feedback.

– Josh

  1. Kate says:

    Hate on bitches who aren’t afraid to tell you the truth, but we are the ones who get shit done, not the so-called “delicate flowers”. I have followed Katherine Heigl and what you say about her is not anything I have not heard every single day I log onto the net. You think she is a cunt because you cannot handle a woman being honest with you, not because she has an ugly personality.

  2. Kesh says:

    The first picture is photo-shopped to death, the cunt herself said she didn’t recognize herself in those pictures. She is pretty but nothing spectacular. That said Kate, a cunt is a cunt is a fucking cunt! There’s nothing wrong with being a strong woman and being honest, but the only thing that comes out of that twats mouth is diarrhea, she’s fucking fake.

  3. porkchop soup says:

    No bitch, no butch.

  4. jennifer says:

    i’m kinda 50/50 on this. she looks amazing on the red carpet most of the time, i’d even say 99% of the time. but i do sometimes feel like she is an odd looking little duckling. i recently watched her flick 27 Dresses, and for the most part, i thought she was wierd looking. i believe this was a legit hot or not candidate.

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