Blog Update

Posted: March 22, 2010 in The MANCAST
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The weekend is over and its time for me to get back to my job.  Lucky for me my “job” currently consists of eating cinnamon toast crunch and typing out this update.  Im happy to tell you guys that this is one of the fastest growing blogs on the internet, having almost 1000 views in just under 2 weeks.  There’s a lot of cool stuff thats going to be happening with this blog and the podcast in the next couple weeks so make sure you keep reading.

I’ll be continuing our most popular feature: Hot or Not this week, which clearly gets our most feedback out of any posts, and today I’ll be posting a feature Alex wrote concerning strippers.

One more thing:  I’ll be adding a “Digg button” at the bottom of each new post and it would be awesome if you guys could “digg” the shit I write on here.  More diggs means more people see my blog which means I can write more awesome stuff for you guys and not feel like im wasting time 🙂

Alright, the stripper post will be up momentarily, peace out homies.

– Josh

  1. Kate Addict says:

    I’ve been to one strip club. It was awkward. Cool, but awkward.

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