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Posted: March 29, 2010 in Ramblings/Rants, Reviews
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Last night, as is the tradition with me and my friends for the last probably 10 years, I went and watched Wrestlemania 26.  We usually have a big group of people (I think there were at least 12 there last night) and they range from people they still watch wrestling on a semi regular to regular basis, guys that still kinda know whats going on, and people that only watch Wrestlemania every year.  Its always interesting to see what everyone thinks of the show and certain characters and of course the jokes throughout the night are hilarious.

Im not going to do a full review but just some random things I thought about each match and how my friends and I reacted, enjoy:

– First thing I noticed, the set looked awesome.

– The first match was Big Show & Miz vs John Morrison & R-Truth for the tag team titles.  Immediately, when R-Truth came out someone asked, “is that K-Kwik?” wrestling fans have better memory than the bookers give them credit for.

– I love R-Truth’s “Whats Up?” song/gimmick.  After he came down the aisle he was known for the rest of the night as “The What’s Up Guy.”

– My friends all wondered why ShowMiz needed two sets of tag titles, good question.

– Match went 3 minutes.  Horrible way to open the show, made no sense.

– Cody Rhodes vs Ted Debaise Jr vs Randy Orton… Friends hated this.  They probably would have hated it more if they saw the horrible build for the match.  There was much discussion about why Ted didnt have a similar gimmick to his father.

–  Everyone loved the double drapping DDT spot.  The camera totally missed the punt kick and everyone was pissed.

– Orton wins and we noticed the mini screen that would drop in the ring after matches for the first time.  This would be the topic of many jokes through-out the night.

– There was a skit involving women, santino, and slim jims.  We all loved Santino.

– Money in The Bank Ladder Match.  There was alot of talk of “Why does Kane have a black eye?”  Most of us wanted Christian to win.  It was really sloppy in some parts including a spot where Kofi ran up a ladder in the corner and totally failed at what he was trying to do, all of us boo’d that one.

–  My one friend was cheering for Jack Swagger the whole match and he actually won.  We all made fun of him when he couldnt get the briefcase down for what seemed like 10 minutes.  The rest of us were disappointed cause we figured Christian was winning and going to challenge Edge later in the night.  No one knew who Drew McIntyre was and didnt care so that might tell you something.

– Everyone loved the hall of fame video package just for the The Million Dollar Man.  We were all inticipating his trademark laugh and all cheered when he did it.

– HHH vs Sheamus.  Most people didnt know who Sheamus was including one guy yelling out, “This fool was champion?!?!?”  Everyone wondered was Sheamus was so fucking white.

– Alot of jokes during the match about HHH marrying Steph and then never losing a match.  It was during this match I noticed one of my favorite signs of the night, “HHH fears divorce.”

– HHH Won.  We were all disappointed because we all wanted the young guy to go over and alot of us wanted to see “The Razor’s Edge.”

– CM Punk vs Rey.  Both guys were wearing crazy gear: CM Punk had G.I Joe inspired tights and Rey was wearing some freaky Avatar get up.

– People loved CM Punk Gimmick comparing it to “Raven’s Flock from WCW.”  I love this gimmick too and I think its hilarious that CM Punk has turned himself into a Straight Edge Jesus.

–  Alot of talk about Serena’s massive tits, with good reason.  We also took to calling her Sinead cause of her shaved head.

– Rey won and it was an awesome match but we all expected it to go longer.  Apparently it only went six minutes, it was real good while it lasted though.

– Bret vs Vince: We were all excited for this match seeing as were from Canada and we all loved Brett when he wrestled.  Me and my friends all loved Vince’s famous strut when he came out to the ramp.

– He announced that The Hart Family would be the lumberjacks.  A couple guys really thought Diana Hart (British Bulldogs former wife) looked smoking hot.

– Basically Brett announced his family was on his side and then beat up vince…and then beat him up some more… and some more… and even more.  He beat him with a tire iron and a chair, Vince didnt even get some offense in.  This was getting to the point that we all wanted the match to end even though we loved Brett.  Brett finally put on the sharpshooter and we all cheered.

-Jericho vs Edge.  We all loved this match.  Alot of people expected Edge to win though and for him to hit the spear in the actual match but we were happy with the huge spot afterwards.  Basically Edge ran across both tables and speared Jericho into the dasher board.  People were upset that the spanish announce table didnt break.

– A couple people expected Jack Swagger to come out and challenge Jericho while he was so hurt (which would make a whole lot of sense) but it didnt happen.

– Women’s match.  We mostly didnt care but alot of my friends were impressed when the women started hitting their finishers because they didnt think the girls could “wrestle that good.”  We all cheered for Vickie Guerrero’s attempt at a frog splash and Eddie style taunts.  My one friend refused to believe that was Eddie’s real wife.

– Cena vs Batista.  Everyone watching with me was upset that Batista didnt do his trademark fireworks.  We were all bored by Cena’s entrance and we joked about not being able to take Cena’s seriously because he looked 12 years old.

– I went to the washroom for most of this match (damn spicy chip dip) but when I came back what I saw was pretty good actually.  Cena won and we all booed and then we made fun of him some more.

– Undertaker vs HBK: Undertaker’s wrestlemania streak on the line against Shawn Michaels career.  We were all really into the match uncluding one of my friends saying that this match made the whole show for him.  We popped huge for Shawn’s moonsault to the outside of the ring onto taker.

– The tombstone on the floor was cool as was all the kickouts.  It seemed like everyone in the room wanted HBK to win because we didnt want to see him retire and we cheered loudly when he kept kicking out of stuff.

– Taker tombstone Shawn and Shawn kicked out and we cheered.  Taker then told shawn to stay down and Shawn got up slowly and slapped taker hard in the face.  Taker then grabbed him and gave him an insane looking jumping tombstone that looked awesome.  Taker won.

– Shawn then did a long farewell and alot of us were upset he lost.  I figure hes not gonna be fully retired as did most of my friends so we werent too bummed about it.  Awesome match, not as good as last year but clearly great.

So that wraps up another Wrestlemania.  It got off to a rough start but overall it was a good show and I enjoyed myself.  I’m already working on my jokes for next year.

– Josh

  1. hein says:

    nice blog. thanks for the invite to wrestlemania loser dick. appreciate it

  2. ed says:

    What? No jokes included in the blog? That was the BEST (and too soon…) part!!

  3. Kate Addict says:

    If Tila Tequila guest stars on Raw I will throw such a bitch fit and boycott Raw that night. TNA is on anyway.

  4. Kate Addict says:

    And you need to comment my awesome blog, Mr. Man. Direct order.

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