Hey loyal readers/listeners,

I kinda got busy this past week and totally dropped the ball on the blog and alot of you have been giving me shit but lucky for all of you I am back and am going to be updating like a madman in the next couple of days. And for a special treat I have edited and uploaded the newest edition of The MANCAST podcast. This was our 11th episode and I hope you guys have as much fun listening to it as I did editing it. We touch on various subjects including gay wrestlers and the possibility of a Gay Wrestling Federation, we review Hot Tub Time Machine, we look at not one but two movies coming out by director (and FRIEND of The MANCAST) Lee Roy Myers and we talk about Captain America and The Casting of The Captain America movie. We also throw down a challenge to Mr. Myers so hopefully he accepts.

I got a shit load I want to write coming up including The Jays and the beginning of the baseball season, a few stories of me that I may regret sharing via the internet and of course our most popular feature: HOT or NOT. So keep reading and remember, Josh Loves you (Alex too.)

PS: Kate I totally owe you a comment 🙂


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