Back To Business…

Posted: May 27, 2010 in Ramblings/Rants, The MANCAST
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ok so…

Some shit has been going on, partly me being a lazy fucker and partly not my fault and this blog has been neglected some what.  Well, its time to dust off the old gal cause im getting back to business, so you all better be pumped and ready.  Here are a couple notes on the podcast slash blog that I think you guys need to know about.

The MANCAST:  Brand new episode of the show can be found here or can be downloaded on itunes.  We discuss a ton of movie stuff including our thoughts on Iron Man 2 and MACGRUBER.  We also break down trailers for the new Resident Evil movie, Piranha 3D, and Johan Hex.  I also personally challenge Sinbad (not the real one) of the Sinbad and Jakey show to come on The MANCAST and prove that he is, in fact, a real man.

Blog:  Ok so heres how its gonna go.  Not only am I going to hit you guys with a Hot or Not later today but I have a ton of shit I need to blog about including my thoughts on The Halo Reach Beta and tons of other crap.  So I will be trying to post something almost every day for the foreseeable future until I can get it out of my system.  I’d also like to blog about my feelings on The Lost fina- oh wait thats right, I dont give a flying fuck 🙂

Id also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has been listening to the podcast or reading the blog.  The MANCAST GOES LIVE! episode was one of the most listened episodes of the show and we’ll be doing another live episode shortly.  I’m going to do another update this week letting you know how this Sinbad challenge is going to work.  Basically im going to need you guys to post or email you’re manly questions so I can ask Sinbad during his challenge.

Thanks alot guys and if you’re bored you can always email me

– Josh


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