Hot or Not: Ke$ha

Posted: May 27, 2010 in Hot or Not?
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Back in the saddle and I got a tough decision to make here (with your help of course) is this bitch hot or not?  At first this one is a real problem for me.  On the surface she looks pretty good all done up, she seems cool, and shes kinda got that dirty hot thing going on that alot of guys like.

Ke$ha Hot?

There are a few things I cant stand about her that may sway my favor here.  First of all, she needs to lay off the fucking glitter, there are only two types of girls that wear glitter: Strippers or 8 year old girls and to my best of my knowledge she doesnt fit into either of those categories.  Second, alot of guys love the fact that she enjoys getting smashed, I guess it makes them think that if they were ever in the same place as her (fat fucking chance) and she was smashed they might actually get a blowie or something (again fat fucking chance.)  Ok im all for hopes & dreams guys but allow me to poke some holes in your Swiss cheese theory.  To me Ke$ha does not seem like the kind of fun party girl drunk that many of us enjoy.

Or Ke$ha Not?

This girl seems like she’d drink a whole bottle of fucking whiskey and if she somehow by a miracle throw up all over you she’d be “That Girl” at the party.  By “That Girl” I mean the loud obnoxious drunk girl that no one can stand, super fucking annoying, always interrupting your conversations and trying to be the center of attention.  Hey, if you’re down for trying to baby-sit a drunk chick thats going to be yelling stupid shit out all night, getting in fights with much bigger dudes than you that you have to take care off, pissing on cop cars, and then when it finally comes time to suck your cock she throws up on it, then be my guest, fantasize all you want gentlemen.

I was sort of on the fence on this one until my previous statement and the above photo talked me out of it.  That is a professionally taken photo and the bitch still looks like she was gangbanged by four black dudes the night before, thanks but no thanks.  I have a feeling that Ke$ha has a case of “Fergie Syndrome”,  kinda hot when all done up and then she looks like a fucking meth smoking E.T otherwise.

My Verdict on Ke$ha: NOT

so personally im 0/3 at this game but you guys can sway my decision.  Post a comment, send your feedback to me on twitter, by email, or on facebook and maybe just maybe we’ll turn this NOT into a HOT.

– Josh

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  1. BIG CUZ says:

    Definately not. The girl looks like a drunken hooker boarderline crack whore. I’ve seen better looking hookers on barton street at 2 oclock in the morning on a Tuesday night for christ sakes. She looks like the type of stripper that you try to avoid at the strip club cause you know she is coked out and you know she is gonna face plant the first spin around the pole and the possability she might steal your wallet. Honestly P Diddy first Da Band now this. Fucking weak. I don’t care if I drink a bottle of Jack, it still wouldn’t get me in the sack with Kesha. I’d rather hit up a hot dog cart at the end of the night and pick up a fat chick. Gross, Gross, Gross.

  2. Dennis says:

    Is she hot? No, she’s not. Does she have that voice you just wanna fuck? Yeah, she does! Would I still fuck her? I think I speak for most men, given the chance, yeah, we’d all fuck the shit out of her.

  3. Kate Addict says:

    She is a part of the new Dollar Menu of escorts all around the country, didn’t you hear?

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