UFC 114: Live Thoughts

Posted: May 30, 2010 in Ramblings/Rants, Reviews
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Tonight I had some buddies over to watch of  UFC 114 which featured The Main Event of Rashad Evans vs Quinton “Rampage” Jackson .  This was a pretty big PPV so I thought id write my thoughts live as it happened and share it with the entire internet, enjoy.

UFC 114: Evans vs Jackson

and here we goooo

PPV opener is Diego “Nightmare” Sanchez vs John “Hitman” Hathaway straight from England.  I dont like the chances of a dude with the same last name as the girl from the Princess Diaries.

– First minute diego has him against the fence for a take down getting absolutely no where.
– They stand up and trade punches Hathaway is looking good.  Diego shoots for a takedown and Hathaway takes his face off with a knee.

– Hathaway on top and cant finish him off, Diego’s defense is fucking solid.

-Hathaway is dropping bombs with a minute left in round 1, I immediately take back the Anne Hathaway comment.

– Round 1 over, Hathaway is all over him like a Russian Hooker on Steven Segal.  Diego looks shaky, this cant be good.

– Round 2 mostly stand up to start with them both trading some good combos.  Diego tries to take him down and push him against the cage.  Hathway gets to his feet and has a look on his face like “what the fuck are you trying here?”

– Back to stand up for the last 2 minutes, Hathaway went for a takedown but Diego blocked it then Diego hit two sharp rights to end the round.  To me Diego won round 2 so the fight is about even on the score cards at the moment.

– In between rounds they show Junior Del Santos sitting next to a fucked up looking guy with shades and a green sweater, seriously this is what you wear to an event like this?

– Round 3 and the guys are trading jabs, Hathaway blocks a take down and then jabs Diego hard.

– Around 2 minutes left Diego goes for a takedown and Hathaway blocks it.  They trade for awhile and then Hathaway connects with a sweet combo including a nice high kick.  Hathaway connects with a couple more good shots and the round is over.

–  I got this fight 29-28 for Hathaway… lets go to the cards

– They gave it to Hathaway Unamious Decision

–  They show Rampage and Evans walking down the hallway, wrestling style.  Evans looks like Malcom X with a suit on and a pinstripe shirt underneathe.

– Antonio Rogerio Nogueira vs Jason Brilz is next.  Brilz also has the nickname “Hitman” prompting my friend Sean to remark, “Why is everyone nicknamed Hitman?”

– Just standing there during the introductions Brilz looks like hes gonna get killed, yet again hes not even supposed to be here.

– We get our first mandatory Arianny shot before the fight.

– Here we go Round 1:  Nogueira hits a nice knee, Brilz is stand-offish for a bit and then takes him down.  Brilz goes from a guilotine to taking his back to side mount.  Brilz got up awkwardly and Nog grabbed him around the waist and for a minute there I thought id see an actual german suplex.

–  Round 1 over Id actually give it to Brilz.  Funny Moment where Nogueira started walking in the wrong corner.  And then we get another Arianny shot.

–  Nogueira had him in an amazing guilotine and then Brilz rolled over into one of his own.  Brilz squeezed the fuck out of him and Nog didnt tap, guy is a beast.

–  Sean: Why does Brilz have a tramp stamp?

– Nogueira gets out of a mount and they go back to standing.  Brillz lands a huge right hand, Nog blocks a single hand attempt and Brilz hits some more punches.  They exchange some punches with 20 seconds left and Nogueira looks glossy.

–  Round 2 over, if Mike Goldberg says little Nog one more time im gonna snap.

– Round 3 starts and Brilz looks focused, Goldberg said little Nog, im done Gus.

–  Nogueira sweeps brilz and is on top, Brilz defends and goes for a single leg and Nog defends.

–  Brilz goes for a single leg AGAIN and it gets blocked AGAin.  Brilz looks fucking tired, thats what four weeks of training gets you, absolutely no stamina.

– Brilz finally gets the single leg and then Nog gets on top.  Nogueira gets a CRUICIFIX and some how Brilz gets out.  Tons of countering going on and ends with Nogueira on top as the round ends.  If Nogueira had more stamina during that crucifix he would have won hands down.

– Round 3 went to Nog but I think the first two went to Brilz but we’ll see…  Nogueira wins by split decision and the crowd HATES it.  At least it gave Mike Goldberg an opportunity to say “Little Nog” one more time… fuck sakes.  Crowd chants “bullshit”, Joe Rogan brings this up in the post fight interview.  Nogueira thanks the fans and they thank him… with boos.

– They show girls in the crowd dancing with no bras on, this is worth the 59.99 on its own.

– Heavyweight match coming up: Mike Russow vs Todd Duffee.  Sean, “Enough of these no name heavyweight meatheads!”  He’s right both these guys look like create-a-characters for the UFC video game (available everywhere now!!)

– Round 1:  And the fatter one is down already!!! I guess the fat one is Russow and Duffee is hitting him with combos swinging for a knock out punch.  Russow looks like a human punching bag, I guess thats what you get when your fight diet is based around potato chips.

–  The only thing I have against Duffee right now is that he has the shortest fighting shorts I’ve ever seen.  Its a fight not a day on the beach “brah.”

–  Duffee clearly wants to knock this sad sack out.  Tried for a high kick and got blocked, Russow is bleeding from an unknown location, probably his ego.

– Round 2:  They stand around for a long time as we make fun of the one guy’s weight and the other guy’s shorts.  We just noticed Duffee has a tattoo of a fight on his back and we howled with laughter.

–  Russow shoots for a takedown and Duffee shrugs him off unimpressed.  Russow has done almost NO OFFENSE in this fight.  Crowd starts to boo, I feel their pain.  Duffee has slowed down, this fight is dying a slow and painful death.

– Horn sounds and almost NOTHING happened in the round.  Just as I typed that the cornerman says, “you’re doing a fine job” … Hes wrong.

– Round 3:  They are just standing there and the crowd keeps booing.  They keep shuffling and I feel like im watching a horrible Dancing With The Stars audition tape.  On a good note at least the fat one might lose some weight.

–  WOW… Literally out of no where Russow hit him with a quick punch and Duffee is out cold.  Definition of flash knockout.  Pretty much one of the five punches he hit in the fight and he floored the guy.  Joe rogan said, “That was the craziest thing Ive seen in 1000 fights!!!!”  Hilariously and yet true.

–  Joe interviewing Russow and his face looks FUCKED UP.  Its a classic, “you should see the other guy” story.

Melvin Guillard vs Waylan Lowe

–  Guillard moves fast, real fast.  Alot of standing around and feeling each other out.  Lowe goes for a single leg and literally lifts Guillard off his feet but cant take him down.  Guillard hitting him with a bunch of knees as Lowe has him against the cage.  Gulliard hits a low hit then ducks a punch and goes right behind him, hes that fast.  Lowe goes for a takedown, Guillard blocks it, hits a huge knee to the gut and thats it.  HUGE KNEE.

– Guillard informs us that this is in fact, his house.

– Guillard’s nickname is apparently “The Young Assassin”  So if you’re keeping score at home we have two hitman’s and an assassin.

Michael Bisping vs Dan Miller

–  The Vaseline guy got the Vaseline IN Bisping’s eye… Of to a great start here folks.

–  We have our first Steve Mazagatti sighting.  During the pre-fight instructions, Bisping did a light head butt to Miller’s face and shit is intense.

–  Miller kicks low and Bisping acts like he got kicked in the nuts, no chance.  Alot of tension here early.

–  All stand up in this round, both guys look good.  Miller poked in the guy so now I guess they’re even?  Bisping hit a couple good combos so I figure they’ll give the round to him.

–  They show David Spade in between rounds and he gets a decent pop from the crowd.  They show Mike Tyson and Snoop and they get a wayyy bigger reaction.  Snoop actually got a bigger reaction than Tyson.

– Round 2:  Bisping misses a right and Miller hits a niceee leg kick.  Bisping hits a nice combination and nods to Miller in a “lets go motherfucker” gesture.  Bisping hits a high kick followed by a punch and Miller hits a low kick.  Bisping blocks a takedown and hits a punch that Miller didnt even blink at.

–  Bisping connected with a combo and busted Miller open over the right eye.  Miller hit a combo at the end of the round but it was too late.  Bisping is dominating this fight, Miller is going to need a KO to win this one.

– Round 3: They trade shots for awhile and Miller finally gets a takedown.  Bisping gets out of it rather quick.  Miller looks gassed, he needs a flash KO here.  They throw so hammers to end the fight but Miller definately didnt do enough to win.  I call this one for Bisping for sure.

– And the Judges say…  All three for Bisping.  No surprise there.

– Sidenote:  Bisping talks like hes on fucking speed, all I heard in the post fight interview was “good fighter”, “Bisping”, and “Twitter.”

– Expendables Trailer… So pumped for this movie.

AND NOW THE MAINNNN EVENTTTTT:  Quinton “Rampage” “Mr.T” Jackson vs “Sugar” Rashad Evans.

– Video package before the fight was amazing, UFC is WWF circa 1997.

–  Evans is the octagon and is getting boos.  Lights go out for Rampage and its a mixed reaction.  Rampage is shown walking right from the back like hes GOLDBERG.

– Rampage looks like a tough motherfucker I wouldnt want to mess with him, Rogan is going on about shit possibly distracting Rampage tonight but he looks focused.

– Huge stare down before the fight, Jackson looks INTENSE, he’ll win for sure.

– Evans caught him with a shot right off the bat and Jackson was almost out.  Jackson looks shook up right now.  Evans took him down and then hit him right in the face hard.  Jackson looks lost.  Jackson sprawled a takedown at the end of the round and hit a nice combination.  He needs to carry that momentium into Round 2 cause he doesnt look good (and hes making me look bad.)

– Round 2:  Huge RAMPAGE Chant.  Evans has him up against the cage now and the crowd hates him for it.  Evans gets off and Rampage misses a huge right hand.  Rashad goes for a takedown thats block and pushes him up against the cage again.  Alot of standing around feeling each other out and Evans continuing to push him up against the cage.   Rampage went for THE KNEE but couldnt get it before the Round was over.

– Evans is all over him Rampage needs to do something big here.  Rampage looks tired and Evans is clearly alot faster than him.

– Round 3:  Rampage blocks a takedown and Rampage is all over him with a barriage of punches.  Rashade gets up but he looks fucking out of it, Jackson needs to take advantage if he wants to win.  Rampage could have finished him but he basically stood around for 20 plus seconds and let Rashad recover and then Rashad took him down twice and was ALL over him at the end of the fight.  Evans wins by decision for sure.

–  And the judges sayyyy… Rashad.  Crowd hates it but he deserved it, he was all over him.  I expected a closer fight but this is what you get sometimes.

Well that was UFC 114, I hope you enjoyed my commentary because I enjoyed writing it.

– Josh

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