Ok so I kind of dropped the ball in talking about the Halo Beta and I feel like to much time has past to talk about it now.  That being said i’m going to make it up to you by giving you a shit load of news and my personal opinions on the Electronics Entertainment Expo or E3.  I’ve pretty much been watching G4 for the last two days straight (only taking a break to sleep and watch the world cup game yesterday) and there is alot to talk about to strap yourself in.  I’m currently watching the Sony press conference and just watched Nintendo’s, those ones are fresh in my mind so im going to start with that.  Nintendo pretty much stole the show today with some huge fucking announcements including announcing A New Zelda game, a new kirby game, a new mario sports title, DONKEY KONG COUNTRY RETURNS and a remake of one of the greatest and most influencial shooter of all time Goldeneye (starring a James Bond looking like Daniel Craig instead of Pierce  Brosnan.)  They topped of these major announcements by giving details on their new handheld Nintendo 3DS which can display games in 3D without the use of glasses.  Although the 3D is quite different, instead of coming out at you the screen has a depth perception which allows you to basically look INTO the screen.  This new DS also has an analog “slide pad” and two cameras used for taking 3D pictures.  As if this all wasnt enough they also announced a new Kid Icarus game  for the 3DS which looks awesome.  During the trailer Pit, the main character of the series says, “Sorry to keep you waiting” which is hilarious because most people (including me) have been waiting for a sequel to this NES game for 25 plus years now.

Nintendo actually knocked my socks off here.  I have a DS that I rarely play but this conference actually made me want to go out and buy this new handheld.  Nintendo knows what their bread and butter is ( nostalgic games and heldhand awesomeness) and they use it to their advantage.

Then we have Sony’s press conference…  As some people know I am not the biggest PS3 fan and I own an X-Box 360 but I was extremely interested to what Sony was going to show off here.  To me Sony missed the mark with their announcements today.  They focused on 3d gaming and their new Playstation Move rather than announce cool and breath-taking games.  They announced Killzone 3 which is all well and good but after gamers were promised so much for Killzone 2 and (I feel) didnt deliever I was underwhelmed.  (That plus Killzone 2’s multiplayer was laggy, thats what you get when you dont pay for online play.)  Anyway they spent an obscene amount of time demo’ing games for Playstation Move which is basically a wii-mote with better and more stable control, announcing 20 plus games and 3D, and then had the sony commercial guy (Kevin Bulter) come out and make fun of the wii.  Some people may be excited for all this shit but to me its not what real gamers want.  First let me address this 3D bullshit…

3D to me is a fad.  Avatar came out in 3d and now every movie wants to follow suit and not only that now Sony is making this huge push and putting a rediculous amount of resources behind 3d TV’s and 3d games for their playstation 3.  The reason I think that 3d is such a big fad is this:  3d is a gimmick, it is cool once and awhile but I am not willing to go see every movie in 3d.  I think that most people will start using 3d as a crutch and focus less on story and character development (the story in avatar was shit, if you disagree you are retarded.)  Futhermore, I dont think the average person is willing to pay for 3d glasses for their playstation or for a 2000 dollar plus TV to view 3d TV or movies.

The playstation move is a little different.  To me Sony (and microsoft for that matter) are a little late to this whole motion control party.  Generally, a gamer who bought a 360 or a PS3 did so because they DONT want motion controls.  I bought a wii last year and to tell you the truth I hardly ever play it.  I bought it for classic games like mario and punch out!! and other then those two it has been collecting dust.  If you slready have a PS3 the Move pack will cost you 99 dollars (USD.)  This is a smart move because Microsoft’s Kinect (formerly Natal) is slated to be priced at 149.  In my opinion, those people who already have a PS3 may buy this to try it out or for their parents or siblings to share in their gaming but this is NOT a reason to buy a PS3.   When I saw my friend playing God of War 3 or Heavy Rain on his PS3 it made me think about buying one, when I saw Playstation Move being demostrated it did not give me the same feeling.  Personally, id rather see cool games NEW games being shown off instead of “new” technology that another company already came up with years ago.

Ok I think im done ranting now… Those are my thoughts are Nintendo and Sony, ill update more on individual games and such throughout the week.

– Josh

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  1. Kate Andrews says:

    What are you going to update this blog when Hillary Clinton is president? :-p

  2. I agree with what you said about not buying the playstation move unless you already have the console and then trying out the add on. Although, obviously the console has some good titles that are not move compatible.

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