Posted: February 13, 2011 in Ramblings/Rants, Sports
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The MMA world is buzzing after Fedor Emelianenko (31-3) lost to Antonio “Big Foot” Silva (16-2) during a Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix Tournament match Saturday at the Izod Center in East Rutherford, N.J.  Before his last two fights a lot of people STILL thought Fedor was the best Mixed Martial Arts Heavyweight in the world despite not facing any real competition since 2007.


Fedor seen looking like a Punch Out character

Fedor came at Silva and hit him with a couple hard shots during the fight but they didn’t faze him and by the end of the second round Fedor’s face looked like hamburger meat (see above) and the referee was forced to stop the fight.  Fedor grumbled something in broken English after the fight about retiring so many this will finally shut up all the people who kept saying for years that Fedor was the best in the world despite the blatant fact that he was ducking the world’s best competition.  In 2007, the UFC purchased PRIDE (the organization that Fedor was then affiliated with and the Heavyweight Champion of) and despite their best efforts to sign a unification match between Fedor and Randy Couture the deal fell apart.  Now whether it be Fedor’s strict management team, money, or the fact that Fedor himself was scared, the bottom line is this:  UFC is where the best competition is in the world right now and if you’re not fighting there then you are not the best, end of discussion.  Fedor went on to fight for lesser MMA organizations like M-1 Global, getting more wins and fueling this ridiculous notion that he was still the best in the world.  That is, until he signed with Strikeforce and last June lost to Fabricio Werdum via submission and now (as if there was any doubt left) losing to Silva on Saturday night.  I argued with people for years that Fedor was washed up and since he refused to go to UFC he knew it and his management team knew it.  To me, they only had a certain amount of time that Fedor could hide behind his “legend” before taking on legitimate fighters and having to earn the title of “Best in the World.”  Now hopefully after this loss everyone can shut the fuck up about this guy being the best… sorry Fedor fans.  Oh well, at least he’s still the WAMMA Champ.

  1. Omac says:

    Fedor is overrated always has been since Pride was bought by Dana White. He hasn’t fought anyone good since that day. Couture would have kicked his ass then and he would still kick his ass now. He is a true Russian athlete, he has talent but hard to sign long term to a North American franchise, always wanting way too much money. Eventually high tailing it back to the motherland.
    You sneeky Russians. Long live the Gracies

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