I HATE Lady Gaga

Posted: February 18, 2011 in celebs, Ramblings/Rants
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Let’s just get the nice part out of the way before I rip into this bitch.  When Lady Gaga first came out I actually thought her first album was pretty good because whoever produced the songs on the album (too lazy to look it up) did a hell of a fucking job and made this bitch rich.  Now for one second forget about the fact that she wears retarded outfits that only moronic people would find “fashionable”, forget about the fact that she’s all fucked up in the head, and let’s also try to forget that I wouldn’t be in anyway surprised if it came out that this bitch had a dick and it was bigger than John Holmes’.  Okay, now that we’ve all done the Men In Black mind wipe on ourselves, Lady Gaga recently released her new single Born This Way and well trying to be cutting edge and original as always she blatantly ripped off Madonna’s 1989 hit Express Yourself. I actually did my research here, go ahead and listen to both songs on youtube and TELL me that this bitch didn’t try to rip off Madonna, Go ahead….I’ll wait…………………………

Rip off Artist?

All done?  Now lord knows I don’t even like Madonna at this point.  She’s old, she still thinks she looks like she’s 24, She’s too busy going to Africa and stealing babies and giving the villagers empty promises to realize everyone hates her (here), and I’m guessing that by this point her vagina looks like a Dagobah swamp.  Even so in the 80’s Madonna was the SHIT and if Lady Gaga thinks she is the next Madonna she better shut the fuck up and never sing again.  You don’t see Bruno Mars dancing like Elvis and you don’t see Justin Bieber in a mop top and a suit singing I Want To Hold Your Hand, so why is Lady Gaga allowed to get away with shit like this.  She’s not very attractive and I’m pretty sure Born This Way is a not so subtle hint to the world that she in fact has a cock… just saying.

  1. Gavino says:

    I am so fucking glad there are other people out there who feel the way I do. When her first cd came out I bought it and I had never heard of her and new nothing about her, and I liked it alot, but after The Fame Monster was released and then the huge wait for her next album, I lost all interest. Now all she does is rip-off Madonna in a pathetic attempt. Sad, pathetic garbage. I. FUCKING. HATE. THIS. BITCH!!!! She has a cock and she knows it. Love your site bro. Get in contact with me.

  2. Gavino says:

    I am sorry, and I am sorry, you may hate it but Lady gaga was just a filler for Britney to reclaim her throan, I hate gaga so much now and I hated Britney’s new video, it made no sense, but I am proud to say that I have always loved Britney and I hate gaga now so ya, fuck you gaga you rip-off ugly bitch, I want Britney back! Peace you media whore!!!!!

  3. Kate Andrews says:

    Lady Gaga was told she looked too much like Amy Whinehouse so they told her to change her look so she decided to be this avaunt garde rip off of Madonna. That’s the real story behind her image. She’s a skinny brunette with a good voice but without all her theatrics she’s as dime a dozen as they come.

  4. Gavino says:

    It is cool man I shouldn’t have put it in at all XD. But ya, keep up the good work. I hope she goes away soon. It would be a better world without her. Everytime I try to comment it puts it on twice, just take the duplicate off I guess lol

  5. Chazzo says:

    Yeah I don’t get all this hype about Lady Gaga. Okay firstly it seems that she has a possible talent for writing the same droll pop songs as always, give her a litlle synth and away she goes. What i don’t get is how she feels that because of her ‘difference’ in the music industry that she can make herself a spokes person for everythhing that is wrong in the world. Especially for the gays, I love gays but honestly she takes it way to far..yes i get it you are bi and support the gays, but really? Jus tbecause you get people really riled up because you say some ‘inspirational’ words at your concerts doesn’t mean that you are changing it. She loves the attention I have seen numerous videos of her at concerts and she literally asks the crowd to scream and love her..she thrives for attention. This idea aswel that she is different and crazy, is just annoying. Her style isn’t nice she looks like an idiot and its all just a show. Her album was called fame because she loves it..she is a fame junkie who if was stripped from her props would be a naked fool.

  6. ob says:

    Wow…you told the truth,lol!! I wish her little “monsters”(minons) could see it.

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