Who Would You Rather: Kendra Vs Kim Kardashian

Posted: February 24, 2011 in celebs, Ramblings/Rants, Who Would You Rather?
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Alright guys I’m back.  I was going to write a review of the last WWE pay per view but there were some issues (mainly im a lazy fuck) but I am back today with something even better.  I thought it was about time to introduce a new feature to the blog.  So without further ado (what the fuck is ado anyway?) from the man who brought you Hot or Not comes the brand new Who Would You Rather. That’s Who Would You Rather as in “Who would you Rather Fuck.”  I know I’m elegant you don’t have to keep telling me, anyway on with the show.


Here’s how were going to do this thing.  I’m going to be comparing these two sexy beasts on looks, personality, and my overall impression of them.  I know I’m cheating a little bit with the above picture but looks wise Kim is a fucking goddess.  She’s got amazing REAL breasts, the face of an angel and a black girl’s ass (which I consider a bonus, don’t hide that baby Kim, just don’t.)  You would think that growing up  being the daughter of one of OJ Simpson’s attorneys ie: FUCKING RICH would turn Kim into a spoiled brat and obviously she’s grown up expecting a certain lifestyle but she seems pretty down to earth considering.   The only thing I would really hold against her is the fact that she’s banged A LOT of black dudes.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love black people but you know the old saying, “Once you go black, other people’s cocks just aren’t big enough.”  So that does kind of taint things for me but let’s see how her competition stacks up shall we?

...or Kendra?

On the surface Kendra seems like great competition for Kim.  She also has a great body, a nice face, and she seems pretty fucking cool.  The only difference is one is a blonde and one is a brunette, case closed right?  Whoa whoa whoa, before you start masterbating rapidly (this includes you too girls) I have to dig deeper into the personality bit here.   While Kendra seems cool enough, (she likes football and she’s pretty goofy and spontaneous) she has some personality flaws I can’t stand.  First of all, she kept the ruse of being “engaged” to Hugh Hefner going way too long.  She was all ready to marry her current husband, “football” player Hank Baskett, and she just kept denying it and saying she was “with Hef.  Now I don’t know if that was a PR decision for the show or what not but it seems more like a young hot blonde tricking an old horny ass man to me.  Speaking of Hank, what planet do these two think they live on?  On their show they keep going on and on how how Hank is a famous football player.  now, to your average idiot housewife or single girl who has nothing better to do then eat ice cream all night and fawn over how amazing both of them are it may sound like a nice story but in reality Hank is NOT that good at football.  By “not that good” I mean that he played on the practice squad (not playing in actual games) for the Minnesota Vikings who were one of the worst teams in the league last year.  This team had half their receivers hurt at one point and they still refused to play this guy.  At this point he’s better off joining the Canadian Football League.  So this bitch walks around thinking she’s the shit because she got rich showing her tits for money and her husband is a shitty football player, do we all got that straight?   You think I would stop here and call this fight officially over but I got more to rant about.  When you watch her show, Kendra comes off as the most annoying person on earth.  She acts so dumb that she may be considered borderline retarded and all she does is buy things or complain that she needs things, that or she’s complaining that she wants to get fucked.  We get it, you’re a horny slut who wants your husband’s cock, does this have to be in EVERY episode?  What is the mass appeal of this kind of show?  I understand that they may stage it so she comes off dumber than she actually is but why in god’s name would you want to do that?   Why would you want millions of people to think that you are only one intelligence level above people who can barely go a whole day without shitting their pants?  Don’t even get me started on the opening of the show. The dancing and music are so horrible that when I first saw it I thought I was watching a spoof of the actual show.  When she’s dancing she looks like she has no skill at it whatsoever which surprises me because this girl has fucked more times in her life than I’ve even WATCHED PORN.  Fucking to her is an everyday habit, like brushing her teeth, actually I’m pretty sure she’s fucked more than she actually brushes her teeth.  The point is, you think someone who fucks for a living would be better at dancing.

I honestly thought this would be closer but the bottom line is Kendra annoys the fuck out of me and Kim Kardashian is a Goddess walking the earth, so Kim wins in a fucking landslide.  If you guys disagree with me feel free to leave a comment but then again if you disagree with me you’re an idiot 🙂

  1. markren says:

    I Love This Blog !

    Kim Kardashian for sure brother !

  2. Qwazi Psycho says:

    Maybe if they could both keep their fucking noise hole shut for an hour we could have a 3 way. Otherwise their both worthless used up whores.

  3. scooby says:

    Kim Kardashian, definitly. She crushes the competition. Kendra would make a good maid for Kim.

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