Former WWE Writer John Piermarini Is A Moron

Posted: February 28, 2011 in Ramblings/Rants, Sports, wrestling
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About a month ago former WWE writer John Piermarini started a blog, claimed he quit WWE, and is trying to get people to believe his bullshit.  Amidst his boring TNA and WWE recaps on his site (which im not going to link to because I don’t want him getting any more attention than he already has) he often writes bullshit and lies which he portrays to his readers to be true.  I decided to write this article because I feel that many casual wrestling fans that go to his blog are being lied to and I was told by Mr. Piermarini that I didn’t know what I was talking about and I felt I should respond.  Unlike John, I have actual evidence to back up what I have to say here.  The internet is a funny place where you can just say a bunch of bullshit and none of it has to be proven and people take it at face value.  I am here to set the record straight and stick up for casual wrestling fans who have be misled.

I’m going to ignore John’s inability to book any sort of wrestling segment competently and instead focus on something he said when reviewing last weeks WWE RAW. John claimed that after The Undertaker/HHH staredown that he could finally reveal to the rest of the world that this had been the plan in WWE all along since last August.  First of all, that claim is laughable because WWE and Vince McMahon change their minds about everything and some creative directions don’t last days let alone months.  The facts here are that the plans as of October 2010 were that Undertaker either face Brock Lesnar or Wade Barrett at Wrestlemania 27 in Atlanta.  Shortly after UFC 121 on October 24th, 2010 The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar had a brief staredown while Undertaker was being interviewed by MMA journalist Ariel Helwani.  John claims in his response to be in his blog that this was a shoot (in wrestling a shoot is something that isn’t meant to happen or that is real, where as a work is something that sis a scripted or pre-planned event) and that no one knew of it ahead of time and it stemmed from real life heat that Undertaker had back in the day.  The facts are that Vince McMahon told Undertaker to do this spot with Brock because he had been in talks with Brock (and later UFC president Dana White) about Brock appearing at WM as either undertaker’s opponent or as a special referee.


Here’s what John said directly to me when I brought this up on his blog:


Disgruntled fromer writer: Hey dick, I quit. I didn’t get fired. What is the obvious work I didn’t catch? Please enlighten me. Undertaker and Brock? Aw, I guess you would know, you were there right? I guess you know the background between Taker and Brock huh? Let me ask you something numb nuts, when was the last time WWE arranged a worked shoot and NEVER used the footage, mentioned the incident or followed up on it? Where is Brock Lesanr idiot? NO WHERE NEAR WWE. Thanks for coming, and thanks for looking stupid without me having to do so. Second, who the hell are you? I guess you should write your own blog since you apparently know more about the world of WWE than I do. Undertaker vs. Barrett was never a WM consideration ass clown, but I guess you would know better than me right? If you want my 15 seconds (the phrase is actually 15 minutes) of fame to go away start the process and kick rocks and don’t read my blog.


Were you present for this Vince call to Brock? See what you don’t know about Vince is he does NOTHING without crossing every T and dotting every i. But believe what you want buddy, ok this was a work. Well let me know when WWE plans on executing this brilliant game plan. Want to know why WWE used Brock during KOTR? Because they own it! Wow earth shattering news isn’t it? Believe what you want about Undertaker vs. Wade as a WM consideration, unfortunately it wasn’t sorry. Triple H vs. Undertaker was always the plan and the reason Nexus buried Undertaker… well I could prove you wrong with FACTS but doing that would force me to reveal certain things I am not allowed to reveal and frankly you ain’t worth it. But please continue to believe what you want and continue to come to my blog adding to my 15 minutes and leaving me comments.


He seems pretty mad, poor guy.  Unfortunately I have some facts, the following are quotes from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter written by Dave Meltzer who has over 30 years covering wrestling all over the world.  He is a respect wrestling and MMA journalist and has connections in WWE, TNA, and UFC (and I assure you is smarter and more informed than mr.dick head former writer.)


From the Nov 1st 2010 Observer:


A lot of people thought the confrontation was legitimate based on past heat between the two. Stories abounded about there being heat over a girl from years back, heat over the night Undertaker refused to put Lesnar over in a PPV main event (which ended up leading to a bigger match where Undertaker did put him over), or heat over the way Lesnar left the company with the idea Undertaker was mad because Lesnar didn’t return the favor and put him over. While Undertaker and Lesnar may not have been social friends, there was mutual respect. Undertaker is actually a Lesnar fan and one of the biggest UFC fans among the WWE performers. The idea was to test the waters. Nothing was said on WWE television, because Undertaker was being buried alive at the PPV and teased not to return, so it made no sense. Plus, there is no deal. It only makes sense that Lesnar would be interested in doing something if he can get that kind of money.

However, the issue is White has made it clear that he will not allow anyone under contract to do pro wrestling. White told that they have Lesnar under an exclusive contract that doesn’t allow him to do boxing or pro wrestling without his permission.

WWE creative didn’t even know what was or wasn’t real the next day, but apparently were clued in and told to come up with ideas, based on Lesnar being a guest referee for Undertaker’s Mania match, this week talked about being against either Kane, or more likely, Wade Barrett. The idea would be to tease a confrontation between the two, similar to the Steve Austin/Mike Tyson angle in 1998. The idea of Lesnar vs. Undertaker in a singles main event, while obviously the dream main event scenario for Mania, had issues over the finish. When the idea was cooked up, Lesnar was UFC champion and wasn’t going to lose at Mania, and they didn’t want Undertaker losing.


From the Feb. 28th Observer:


The Undertaker vs. HHH main event for Mania was made official this past week with an in-ring long staredown in Fresno, where both men made their returns to television.

The back story on this, since Undertaker was originally going to face Wade Barrett and Sheamus had been groomed for HHH, was that the two got together, realized that Mania as it was originally laid out had no special Mania match. They felt involving Michaels in a storyline with HHH made far more sense than with anyone else, and as the company’s two most powerful political forces, felt they could take control of their own angle without much in the way of outside influence.

The fact it was the right call, in the sense the show is stronger with this match than the original plans speaks volumes about storylines getting over. Sheamus spent months bragging about ending HHH’s career and the original King of the Ring win was meant to set up King of the Ring vs. King of Kings. But instead, it meant nothing and on his return, none of this was brought up. Nexus took out Undertaker in the Buried Alive match and there was supposed to be a storyline explaining why this happened to build to Taker vs. Barrett. Instead, we had Undertaker buried alive by a consortium that included Kane (who beat him over and over again before he left), Paul Bearer (who they got rid of for no reason in one of the year’s worst angles even before Undertaker returned) and an unexplained Nexus attack, all of which end up being forgotten when he returned.



If Taker/HHH was the plan all along like John claims then why was Sheamus built up and bragging about taking out HHH for months and then made to win the King of the Ring?  Why did Nexus help Kane bury the Undertaker and Barrett shipped to Smackdown just for it all to be forgotten?


There are two possible reasons for Mr.Piermarini’s statements:

1) He knows nothing about wrestling, can’t tell the difference when something is OBVIOUSLY staged and had no idea what was going on inside the company he was working/writing for.

2) He’s lying to casual wrestling fans trying to get attention to feed his personal ego


If you want REAL informative wrestling news go to: or read the wrestling updates I post on my site, don’t feed this jackasses ego.


HOW I’D BOOK IT: You come here, read this article and figure out this dude is a lying (or moronic) piece of shit then you never go to his site again and he goes away.


  1. chim55 says:

    bang on mate, excellent,

    I listened to this clowns extended “Torch Talk” interview, and he has very very little smarts to the business he was employed in.

  2. AnDy says:

    I’ve been wanting to check out that Torch Talk. I check out his blog here and there.

  3. blair says:

    hahahahahah i love that he called you numb nuts!!! ❤

  4. heyno says:

    so am i supposed to go by your call on this guy, as YOU don’t have an agenda as well??? Did he refuse to talk or speak further to you, or did one of “them” pay you to discredit him, given the “letter” he was sent, by them, to shut it down (his first site, that you still could cached)?

    Yeah whatever, late with this but then again I’m glad no one has really read this “masterpiece” of yours as well.

    • I have no idea what you’re even talking about, this is just my opinion on the situation based on the information I have. My agenda was, “call him out on his bullshit” its that simple, don’t complicate things.

  5. kaushikunal says:

    Who the hell are you? John Piermarini knows more about the WWE than you probably ever will! He was fucking former writter for WWE! WHo the hell are you to call his talk bullshit and why should people buy this bullshit!

    • Do your research before talking shit and you would realize I’m right. Also sorry to break it to you but WWE actually prefers to hire writers that aren’t wrestling fans.

      • kaushikunal says:

        He said to you himself that he could prove you wrong but was afraid he might say too much. He didn’t but he could. So unless you know what he had to say as proof you cant make this overwhelming claim.

      • I’m going to tell you that I can make a mountain disappear, I’m not going to actually do it, but I COULD do it, so you should believe me.

  6. kaushikunal says:

    You are just pissed that he said all that stuff about you.

  7. chim55 says:

    the dude is a clueless fool,

    if he was so good why is he unemployed??

    also, have any of you actually been watching the lower and midcard stuff in WWE over the last few years? its woefully bad. That is his work, and it does nt need a genius to appraise it as awful.

  8. meh says:

    That was hilarious…i dunno how i even stumbled upon this site but thanks for the laugh.Trying to prove a point by quoting a dirt sheet writer?…u mad?….John totally owned you with his reply…and the best you could do was to quote a dirt sheet and claim it to be fact as if meltzer is always right….yikes….don’t quit your day job bro.

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