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I don’t usually like to talk/post about anything political in here but Matt came up with a great idea for a Meme/cartoon so it had to be made. As most of you don’t know, there is a Canadian election coming up so this one involves Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his estranged family. (I know no one gives a shit about Canadian politics, I’m sorry.)

There goes the neighbourhood


We here at the Sticky Fingers Blog pride ourselves on being on top of (and making fun of) the latest trends.  With that in mind may I present to you our very own Tiger Blood Meme……

In case you missed it here’s Bill Hader impersonating Charlie Sheen on Saturday Night Live last night.  Hader’s impression is dead on and thing was hilarious. WINNINGGGGG


Seems like everyone is talking about Charlie Sheen at the moment and why wouldnt they be?  He has a highly successful TV show, he’s been in AWESOME movies such as Major League, and seemingly all he does all day is fuck/beat up prostitutes, whores, and porn stars and do blow off their various body parts when hes not slamming his penis in one of their orifices for 1-3 minutes.  This sounds all like standard “hollywood dude” awesomeness until you get reminded that he’s tried to shoot, kill, kidnap, and dismember people (all women, go figure.)

So like me you may be asking yourself, “what the fuck would make wild-thing do this?  Is it just pure hollywood craziness at it’s best?”

Well apparently, amazing celebrity blogger Tyler Durden has it all figured out. (story here)

…. This pretty much explains EVERYTHING, except the fact that despite all these revelations Charlie is the only thing good and likeable on Two and a Half Men.  Despite all I know about Charlie Sheen I just dreamt up on a conversation between the two of us and it went something like this:

Charlie Sheen:  Hey Josh, wanna hang out tonight?

Me: Fuck Yes Charlie Sheen!!!

Charlie Sheen: There’s gonna be blow and hookers…

Me: Bring it on Charlie Sheen!!!

Charlie Sheen: We might have to kill a bitch or two…

Me: Anything Charlie Sheen, just let me hang out with you… can we go visit Wesley Snipes in prison?!?!