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I was sent a video a couple days ago by my good friend Elise, who told me it was a, “must watch.”  The video is of a nut bag Christian who tries to explain that the tragedy in Japan was God’s way of showing that he exists.  After watching the video and taking a few days to organize my anger and rage into rational thought, I am ready to blog about it.  First off, let me start by saying that I have many different beliefs and theories concerning religion and our creation and what have you.  I was brought up catholic but I am very open to other possibilities (including that super apes are our masters) and beliefs.  That being said I think this chick is a fucking whack job.  I have to stop the video a minute and a half into it because I didn’t want to break my laptop in anger.  First of all let’s break down her theory as to what happened in very simple terms.  This young lady believes that:

A) Her church group/nut ball friends prayed to god to give him a sign that he existed

B) God responded by “grabbing” Japan and saying “Here I am guys!!!!”

C) This Heavenly “Hello” resulted in thousands of deaths.

D) God is coming for us next.

Read all of those a second and third time………………….

I don’t even know where to start.  There have been many times where a bunch of wack jobs come together, think its the end of the world and go nuts about it (y2K anyone?) and then it passes and they either commit suicide or go on with their miserable lives.  One thing I find hilarious about this whole thing is that she keeps going on about how “America is next.”  I’m assuming she lives somewhere in North America so why the fuck would she want something bad to happen there?  Does she think God sends out little homing missiles that will only hit the bad guys?  I hope God comes down just for the sole purpose of hadouken’ing this bitch right in her face.   I can just imagine what this girls prayers are like now:

Dear God,

I know you didn’t answer me when I wanted an “A” on that book report or when I wanted Nick Carter to take my virginity, or when I asked you to have my parents drive off a cliff because they wouldn’t get me a new puppy when I wanted… But you killed thousands of Japanese people so this makes up for everything.


stupid bitch.

Side Note:  If this girl turns out to be right by April 23rd some major shit could be going down so I’d stock up on bottled water and Chef Boyardee just in case 😉